Robinson Sawmilling and Treeworks

rstw1At Robinson Sawmilling, we produce a wide variety of timber for the UK market, with a specialisation towards high quality sawn cladding and unusually hardwoods. We have the capacity to mill logs as large as 4ft x 34ft and have several kilns for timber drying. We also can supply bulk loads of firewood suitable for commercial premises such as pubs, and domestic users with biomass boilers or large stoves.

Please get in touch with any enquiries. Stock lists are no longer posted on the website as stock is constantly changing, but we usually carry kiln dried elm, ash and beech in stock. Oak and other hardwoods are available intermittently. Unusual or uncommonly available softwoods are often in stock.

As of 2017, we hope to be resuming small scale forestry work (principally timber extraction), so please watch this space.

Contact Detailsrstw2

Mobile: 07832 106156